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BONDED BY BLOOD AND UNITED BY PASSION, MOHAMMAD OBIDANI AND ABDULAZIZ OBIDANI ARE TWO BROTHERS WHO HAVE MADE THEIR NAME AS PROFESSIONAL SAILORS. Mohammad and Abdulaziz Obidani can be called the pioneers of professional sailing in Oman. While Mohammad has earned an incredible voyage to his name by sailing from the UK to Oman nearly a dozen years ago, Abdulaziz is following in his elder brother’s footsteps, training under his watchful eye. Both Mohammad and Abdulaziz were chosen to be part of the first National Sailing team of Oman from a pool of 409 candidates.

This is indeed a proud achievement for both, considering that sailing has been a deep-rooted Omani tradition. The Obidani brothers, representing Oman in many international sailing competitions throughout the years have completely revived professional sailing in the country. The brothers also dedicate their skills and time in nurturing young talent with the hope of passing the legacy of sailing to the next generation of Oman. But according to the brothers, sailing is not all smooth and free flowing. The rough waters, untamable wind and harsh weather conditions can test both physical and mental strength. To make sure their performance is always a notch higher, both Mohammad and Abdulaziz put a lot of effort into physical training and concentration techniques as part of a ritual before heading out to the sea.

The brothers, known for taming rough waters to make a smooth sail, pledge their hearts that all it takes to equal that excitement is a drive in Lexus RX. How do the Obidani brothers relate their sailing experience with their Lexus RX, one would wonder? In their own words, the power to maneuver rough curves, adaptability to tough weather and terrain conditions, and the precision in engineering makes Lexus an exceptional automobile to captain. What makes Mohammad and Abdulziz’s journey all the more exciting is their companion – the Lexus RX that complements their passion, skill and courage with power, performance and excitement.