LEXUS OPENS BRAND NEW BOUTIQUE AT ASSIMA MALL, Inspired by Experience Amazing. New World of Lexus Powered by Advanced Technology

Lexus introduces L-finesse for the first time in Kuwait

Excellence meets luxury

Lexus L-Finesse design seeks to give physical form to the Lexus experience. It dynamically unites the seemingly contradictory elements of “leading-edge” and “finesse” through the seamless anticipation of customer needs and desires that is central to Lexus’s design philosophy.

Lexus designed products display “Incisive Simplicity” yet at the same time, “Intriguing Elegance” They are modern and striking yet warm and humanized.

Lexus Enters Kuwait’s Newest & Ultra-Modern Family Destination - Assima Mall

According to Bedour Faisal Al Sayer, Deputy Marketing Manager “L-Finesse is a unique concept store not a regular showroom. An impressive location where visitors can explore about Lexus brand and products. We are providing a modern experience powered by the touch of advanced technology. L-finesse promises the ultimate luxury experience right from the moment our customer steps in and through the various touch points at the store”.

Omotenashi – Japanese Hospitality

Customers at L-finesse will be welcomed by our receptionist and guide them in every step through their journey with the service of wide range of beverages. Some of the exceptional features of L-Finesse include an official accessories and merchandise display, 2 brand advisors offices for one-on-one interaction to explore about latest Lexus models even offering the customers a convenient opportunity to execute a sales transaction if the customer wishes to purchase a Lexus.

Powered by Advanced Technology

Customers will notice the display of 2 digital screens whilst passing by L-finesse. The concept store also features a large horizontal video wall displaying videos with the true Lexus spirit. Furthermore, there are 2 interactive screens for our customers to be explore the Lexus brand and its heritage. L-finesse is also equipped with 2 VR (Virtual Reality) units where customers are introduced to Lexus vehicles driven by the exciting VR experience supported by the motion sensors and the VR headset. Such advanced technology enables them to interact with the selected vehicles, change colors, turn around, get inside, play product video, and much more.

Lexus aims to consistently provide the highest levels of Customer Satisfaction thus matching the superior level of Lexus quality standards. This latest endeavor is part of the continuous commitment by Al Sayer of further reinforcing Lexus brand’s strong market presence.