For the first time ever in Kuwait, ALSAYER unveils the exclusive Lexus Boutique, L-finesse

'Experience Amazing' encapsulates the brand's core identity and true essence. The L-finesse boutique is a physical manifestation of the concept, enabling customers to engage with this exceptional experience firsthand.

Lexus proudly unveils its latest venture at Assima Mall, Kuwait in the year 2022. L-Finesse is a unique concept space where visitors can immerse themselves in the Lexus experience through the brand and its luxurious models. The customers’ boutique experience merges luxury with cutting-edge technology at every touchpoint, from entry to exit. This recent initiative is a testament to Al Sayer's ongoing dedication to reinforce the strong market presence of the Lexus brand.

Lexus Boutique Design Philosophy ("L-Finesse")

Lexus Boutique named L-finesse can be described as 'leading-edge design and technology applied with finesse.' This concept goes beyond a simple definition and is about the depth of thought behind the luxurious aspects of Lexus vehicles.

Lexus strives to innovate in automotive technology and design while ensuring a joyfully intuitive and aesthetically pleasing experience, coined as 'Incisive Simplicity' by cutting through complexity for a pure purpose and expression.

Lexus vehicles captivate and retain attention through visual journeys within their designs, blending elegant bodywork, intriguing details, dynamic changes, and bold expressions—a harmony of 'Intriguing Elegance' that balances movement and composure.