When you buy a Lexus, you will not only enjoy the vehicle’s luxury and advanced technology, but also THE COMPLETE CUSTOMER CARE EXPERIENCE. From regular servicing requirements to emergency roadside assistance, Lexus (MNSS) has got it covered. Only at our Lexus Service Centers can you be rest assured that your Lexus will be serviced to the highest standard, using only genuine Lexus parts, protecting your investment and warranty because Lexus exclusively works with highly qualified technicians. Whether you have a major repair or a minor problem that needs fixing, you can trust our Lexus Service Centers to take care of all your Lexus repairs.

As per manufacturer guideline, the service interval for a Lexus is set at 10,000 km or every 12 months, depending on which comes first. By servicing your vehicle at Lexus service center, we will ensure that it runs smoothly and operates at its highest standard. Our Lexus Authorized Service Centers in Shuwaikh and Ahmadi perform services, in line with manufacturer guidelines. Only parts that are scheduled for replacement are changed, and a written confirmation of the work done is provided to the customer.


After investing in a Lexus, it's important to protect your investment by only entrusting the service of your vehicle to Lexus Service Center. Only a specialized Lexus technician has the knowledge to fully understand the technology within your vehicle, and the diagnostic equipment capable of fully reading the Lexus engine management computers. Taking your Lexus to a non-authorized Lexus Service Center puts both your vehicle and warranty at risk. To ensure your vehicle is serviced to the highest standards by using genuine Lexus parts book your service with us for a peace of mind.



In a hurry? Save time and head to our Quick Service Center in Shuwaikh or Ahmadi for a quick service. Quick service is dedicated for periodic maintenance, routine maintenance, brakes and light jobs. Bring your Lexus in and we will ensure that it runs smoothly and operates the way it was intended to.


In order to maintain high performance of your Lexus, make sure to replace its engine oil regularly.

Save time and change oil of your Lexus vehicle at the Quick Lube in Lexus Service Centers in Shuwaikh – Quick Service Center and Ahmadi.


Get your Periodic Maintenance done by a professional team who will offer you a personalized service, with accurate and attention to detail workmanship at Shuwaikh – Quick Service Center


You can always trust our Lexus Service Center to take care of all your major repairs. Our Service Center performs in line with manufacturer guidelines and it is always equipped with high-end sophisticated equipment to properly diagnose the fault in your vehicle.

For your peace of mind, only parts that are scheduled for replacement are changed and replaced with genuine parts.


Unfortunately, accidents happen – even to experienced drivers. But if you’re involved in a collision our professional team, who is trained by Lexus, is able to repair your vehicle to the high standard you expect every time. At Lexus Center in Shuwaikh, Lexus-trained technicians has the expert knowledge, specialist equipment and tools to carry out the best possible repairs. This knowledge and equipment is becoming increasingly important, as the technology within Lexus vehicles becomes more advanced. As well as making sure repairs meet Lexus strict quality guidelines, it speeds them up too.


Let our trained and specialized technicians restore the appearance of your Lexus to look new, keep its condition preserved and maintain its value by thorough interior and exterior polish treatments that will make your Lexus restore shine and glamour. Treat your car to a quality and perfect service.


Your Lexus should receive scheduled maintenance every 10,000 Kilometers or every 1 year, whichever comes first and depending on your driving habits and circumstances. For assistance call: 1830030