About MNSS

Since our formation in 1954, we have built our businesses on superior customer services, earning one of the highest reputations for quality in the region. Our continuing commitment to excellence was recognized in 1997, when MNSS received the ISO 9001 Certification, for achieving an international standard of quality and service, specifically for the service and repair of automotive and commercial vehicles, and the sale of spare parts as a Lexus franchise. We now have 3 service centers and 14 spare parts outlets. We support our customers with high quality after-sale service, maintaining excellent spare parts availability, and through auto rentals, leasing and used car sale. We at Al-Sayer Group holding always in continuous development and strategic planning to provide an integrated range of services dedicated exclusively to guarantee the highest customers satisfaction. Therefore our group is growing both horizontally and vertically at all levels including the opening of more showrooms, service and spare parts centers, expanding to reach the best possible geographical distribution. Lexus cars are a complete range of sedans and sport-utility vehicles. Each model satisfies the taste of the elite with its amazing performance and stylish designs. For the past 25 years Lexus has been the icon of true luxury, reflecting the highest level of creativity combining absolute luxury and exhilarating performance. All Lexus cars are equipped with the latest technology and best global safety systems, bringing in the ideal choice for businessmen who are seeking luxury and looking for an elevated experience. Lexus is the finest and most appropriate for senior guests and companions for hotels, government ministries and private corporate companies. The question remains which Lexus model to choose! Visit us today to our showrooms to know more about Lexus cars