DATE: 18.04.2022

State-of-the-art Lexus Showroom and Service facility

Elite lounge and premium care to guarantee an experience like no other

To offer an even better elevated customer experience, Mohamed Naser Al Sayer & Sons has announced the opening of upgraded and most advanced Lexus Center at Ahmadi.

The opening event was attended by Board of Directors Faisal Bader Al Sayer Chairman, Mubarak Naser Al Sayer CEO along with Bengt Shultz Chief Operating Officer, Mahmoud Abou-Zahr Senior Business Director Lexus Sales and Service team members from Lexus in the presence of representatives from the press and media.

Faisal Bader Al Sayer Chairman at ALSAYER Holding said “We will spare no effort to invest in our facilities that will support Lexus customers at all levels, which will enable us always to beat the expectations and preserve the goodwill of our existing & customers to be for life".

According to Mahmoud Abou-Zahr Senior Business Director Lexus in Kuwait “Development and enhancement is a constant process at Lexus Al Sayer, we always strive to improve. The idea of developing Ahmadi Center is to further enhance our customer experience and provide them with the most amazing experience they expect from Lexus.”

Striking elements of Japanese Omotensahi inspired hospitality include bigger and enhanced customer lounge facility in the service area with transparent glass to check the progress of car service while at the leisure of having a cup of coffee, separate lounges for men and women, an elevated floor for convenient services such as prayer room, wudu areas as well as toilets for men and women.

Some of the new and improved features available at Lexus Center Ahmadi includes:

- meet and greet receptionist for welcoming all customers and offering personalized attention

- bigger customer lounge with access to showroom as well

- separate lounge area for men and women

- mezzanine floor for prayer room, wodoo and toilets

- dedicated service advisors (now have 3 offices)

- state-of-the-art equipment

- All Lexus cars maintenance are carried out by highly qualified and trained staff, they have been handpicked to meet the elite Lexus advanced, state of the art, advanced technology standards.

The sales showroom for new vehicles is now more spacious to hold more vehicle variety for our customers, it is as per the top and newest Lexus standards. The vehicle display arrangement, the communication messages and interaction points such as the color stand chart with electronic touch screen for better vehicle navigation and configuration.

Lexus Merchandise is now available offering customers wide range of premium lifestyle products and accessories. The redesigned sales offices guarantee the most luxurious ambience maintaining privacy environment for all customers. The entrance and exit offer a distinct atmosphere with a stunning reception area, and the delivery area is also enhanced and developed to provide customer with an amazing experience.

Recently AlSayer had won the prestigious Service Hero Award for Lexus through consistently providing the highest levels of Customer Satisfaction thus matching the superior level of Lexus quality standards. This latest endeavor is part of the continuous commitment by Al Sayer of providing exceptional Lexus Showroom and Service facilities to their distinguished customers.