Despite the Corona pandemic and its consequences ALSAYER - LEXUS wins the most distinguished Service Hero Award 2021

DATE: 16.03.2022

Kuwait, March 16, 2022: Mohamed Naser AlSayer & Sons and Lexus Kuwait, won the most distinguished award for service at the annual awards distribution event for the year 2021, which was held virtually by Service Hero, the only indicator in the region to measure customer satisfaction, in a framework for Service Hero's efforts to foster a culture of service excellence where brands and customers thrive.

In her welcoming speech to the participants during the virtual awards ceremony, Faten Abu-Ghazaleh, President of Service Hero, reviewed the transformations that took place in many aspects of life during the year 2021 in light of the recovery and adaptation to the second year of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic, noting that the capacity of the facilities striving to provide the best customer experience despite the challenges that they withstand.

She pointed out that "the ability of brands, including Lexus in the service sector, to provide the best customer experience despite unprecedented challenges," and talked about the prosperity of brands that she defined, including Lexus, which won in the service sector as "the brand's ability to maintain levels of service to satisfy its customers not only for today, but for the days to come so that its customers prefer it over their peers.”

Lexus has always been keen to be a pioneer in after-sales customer service. On this occasion, Mr. Faisal Bader Al-Sayer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mohamed Naser AlSayer & Sons said: “We are making every effort to provide an impressive customer experience and constantly strive to develop our services. Despite the pandemic and strict restrictions, we have sought to operate service centers with the highest standards of safety and hygiene for everyone. Yes, we pay attention to every detail and adhere to the highest standards. That is why we invest in the most advanced equipment and systems and always strive to develop our professional technicians on a consistent basis to take care of our customers' cars to the highest standards because our goal is to give customers an amazing experience with Lexus."

Abu-Ghazaleh notes, “Based on our 12 years of data from over a quarter of a million validated customer reviews, we have seen that majority of brands, around 74%, underperform in terms of customer satisfaction because they score 70s or lower from a total of 100 points means that they don't meet all the points or needs of their customers." She said only 21% of brands score between 80 and 85, which is a good score. But the group that will really thrive is a handful of brands, the 4% who have averaged scores in the high 80s over the past 12 years. These brands have the best relationships with their customers, which means they have gained customer loyalty.”


The index's rankings come from 23,661 validated evaluations by consumers, male and female, of different age groups, nationalities, and educational level. Kuwaitis in general, men in particular, with a master's degree or higher between the ages of 40 and 49, had the lowest satisfaction rate.

During the award ceremony, the winners, including the Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer & Sons Establishment Company, presented Lexus videos demonstrating their efforts in maintaining service excellence, in line with the “Triple Excellence” Service Hero concept, which defines the strength of “leadership”, and to the extent to which the "heart" of the team strives to attract customers, and the systems adopted to convince the "mind".

The winning brands demonstrated how to prioritize during 2021, including strategic direction, employee motivation, and resource optimization, despite all the limitations they faced in an effort to provide the best experience for their customers, and to what extent these brands were able to enhance the team's enthusiasm and passion for work. During the period of working from home, facing other operational challenges, and how it was able to maintain the quality of service without affecting sales.

With its headquarters in Kuwait, Service Hero is the only customer satisfaction indicator in the Middle East, and it follows the protocols of ESOMAR, the former European Organization for Opinion and Marketing Research, and complies with the principles and guidelines of the World Organization for Self-Regulation and Ethical Practice. An independent advisory board oversees the Service Hero Index to ensure impartial and objective results that accurately reflect consumer preferences, making the company's results a reliable benchmark that provides transparent insight and in-depth information on companies. The council includes academics and business professionals representing leading companies and institutions in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates; Including: the American University of Kuwait, the Australian College of Kuwait, the Gulf University for Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi University, and Zayed University. Since 2010, Service Hero has collected more than 350,000 documented and certified consumer reviews covering more than 350 companies in the private sector.